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Depending on the nature and duration of the work, Kobayashi Online may need to create a copy of your website and place it on a development environment (which is not accessible by visitors) in order to make important changes and complete programming tests.

We do this to prevent your website from going down as we make these modifications, or to avoid programming errors that could be seen by your visitors and affect their user experience on your site.

If we require this development environment for your work, then we will let you know and we'll need what we call a Content Freeze period on your site. A Contain Freeze period has a Start Date and an End Date that we will provide you in advance so you can be prepared. 

The Start Date of your Content Freeze period is the day the Kobayashi Online team will take a copy of your site and will begin working on the changes before its final release to the public the End Date.

The copy of the website we place on our development server will be the only one that will finally be released to the public the End Date after all changes and testing are complete. Because of this, during Content Freeze periods, you should avoid updating your website so you do not lose any changes made to the live site after this copy was taken.

What Is Considered A Site Update?

Site updates are any changes you or your users make purposely to the site. If files or database changes are involved, then that is considered a Site Update.

For you to understand better, these are some the things you should not do during this time period:
  • Add, modify or delete new pages, posts, events, news, categories and tags on your website
  • If you have a Shopping Cart, add, modify or delete products, Product categories, Product tags and attributes on your website
  • Change the title, excerpt or description of your pages, posts, events, news, categories, tags and products
  • Make changes to any of your menus
  • Upload, modify or delete images and files in your Media Library
  • Add, modify or delete the content of your sidebars, such as widgets
  • Create, modify or delete users on your website. Also, if you have a Registration system open to the public where users can register themselves, you must let know your users before the Content Freeze period that they should not register during this time, or alternatively notify this to the Kobayashi Online team in advance so they can prevent users from registering throughout this time disabling those pages.
  • Add, modify or delete plugins on your website
  • Change any settings on the dashboard (the WP Admin area) of your site, including those for the different plugins
  • Add, modify or delete forms on your website
  • Add, modify or delete slides from your site's sliders
  • Add, modify or delete heading images on your site
  • Upload files to your website through FTP, SFTP or any other transferring protocols
  • Modify or delete any files on your site

What If I Still Need To Make Changes During a Content Freeze?

There are cases where changes are inevitable. If you require these modifications, you will need to keep track of all of them so you can redo them manually on the future version of the site before it goes live (on the development environment so we will need to give you access previously, please contact us for it) or once the final site goes live.

Make sure to register all changes, including the images and links added to the articles so you can double-post them after and confirm the content of both sites match accurately.

Also, any users registered on the live site during the Content Freeze period will need to be recreated manually after the new website goes live.

Finally, please note all form submissions and orders (in case you have a Shopping Cart on your website) received on the live site during the Content Freeze period will not survive once the new website goes live so these submissions will not reflect in the backend of your site after. If you may require them in the future, take a copy of them printing them or taking screen captures before the End Date of the Content Freeze.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact the Kobayashi Online team for any questions you may have during the Content Freeze period just sending an email message to support@kobayashi.ca

Thanks for your help,

-The Kobayashi Online Team

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