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Kill the guru (A marketing podcast) is a podcast like no other marketing podcast.

We believe ALL MARKETING PODCASTS, including ours, are BULLSHIT until something is done.

Stop the consumption and start the implementation!

How? We get real.

And by real, we mean you, as small biz owners, join us on the podcast and we focus on getting you actionable advice that you can implement - immediately.

Then we get deep.

  • We encourage you to commit to an action, even a small action, to implement in the following week.

  • We have office hours weekly to discuss any challenges you are having.

  • We have a private Facebook group for ongoing questions and support throughout the week.

Since we value truth above all, you’re free to walk away at any time and get your last months cash back. FOR ANY REASON.

Register now to be one of our Small Business Owners - and grow!

$150.00CAD Monthly